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3rd Camp Essay

Here’s the next essay in the series. Topic: What do you think the perfect president would be like?

My Essay on The Best Pres.

I think the best president would stop the gas prices from going up, stop the
war, and help the community. Well you havent heard anything yet.
Another thing that I think the best president would be like is they would
fundraise to the poor.

The Best President would make fair laws to all equal
rights. He/She would do more activities for children to stay active.
They would also help the economy/nature. To tell you the truth I really
dont know what the best president would be like, but if I put myself or imagine
me in those footsteps I would know so the best president would let all equal
rights have the freedom to say/speak their minds without having to go to
jail. They would let the people march or stand up for things they believe
in without being punished.

I think the best presidents would be better
than any other job. Im running out of things but I’ll try to keep
going. Well……I also think they would have fair authorities. To
me a best president would protect his/her country, doing what is best for the
people. Im not very good at this but im trying my best. No more
interruptions, carrying on.

Well once again as I was saying the best president
would be more of a role model to little kids. Telling them whats right and
whats wrong. They would make sure that the little kids be happy. The
most important part of a Best pres. is to NEVER TURN AGAINST your country TO
stick with them, hey! maybe even stand up for them. The key to knowing
what the best Pres. is is to know what that person is like. It depends on
how the person is, how they act and how their role modeling skills are. Do
they inspire kids? Do they take care of homeless people? What do you
think? The last thing is I think the best pres. would never leave a child
behind in school or anything. They would help the homeless.

Funny Quote of the Day

First, good news — by the miraculous provision of God, we made $1,200 at the camp fundraising bakesale today! Last year we only made around $200, so this was a huge surprise, Thank you Jesus!

Upon hearing the figure, one of our kids, K, exclaimed

“$1200?? A drug dealer couldn’t even make that in a day!!!”

While that statement may or may not be valid, and sounds kind of funny at first, it speaks volumes to the frame of reference our kids live in.

Can I run my fingers through your hair?

Some days I really wish I was married. Like today, for instance. Not really because I want a husband (I’m pretty content right now…), but because I wouldn’t run into situations like this so much…

I stopped to pick up the mail at the Benbow’s house, and when I got out of the car, I saw my friend R sitting on the stoop across the street. I had just seen him last night, and we said a quick hey, how are ya, etc., then went on our ways. Here’s what happened tonight…

R (on the other side of the street, yelling): Hey! Do you know who I am?

Me: Uh, what?

R: Do you know who I am?

Me: Well, unless I lost my memory between yesterday and today, yeah.

R: (takes off his glasses) You remember me?

Me: R, what are you talking about?? Of course I know who you are. Are you smokin’ somethin’?

(R comes over to give me a hug. I try to give him a “side hug,” but that’s kind of hard when someone’s coming at you like a bear coming in for a kill…)

Me: Whoo! You’re not smokin’ anything but you sure have been drinking!! I can smell it on ya!

(R laughs a little bit)

R: Can I run my fingers through your hair?

Me: WHAT?!

R: What? Can I run my fingers through your hair?

Me: Uh, NO.

R: Well, can I just touch it?

Me: No. I think you need to go sit back down across the street.

R: What? Why?

Me: R, you need to go to bed. Come talk to me when you’re not drunk.

R: Okay, well, can I have another hug?

Me: No. You’ve met your hug quota for the day.

R: My quota?? Alright, well, I love you.

Me: Uh huh.

(I started to walk towards the house at this point)

R: Uh huh?? What do you mean uh huh?

Me: I don’t know, uh huh. Is that bad?

R: Yeah it’s bad. You’re supposed to say I love you too R.

Me: Alright, I love you too, R. Now go to bed.

R: Alright. I’ll see you later.

“We met on the chat line…”

Yesterday I ran into a teen boy that I got to know a little bit last year. T was sitting on a fence, waiting for his shoes to dry (that could be a whole story in itself). Here’s the way our conversation went:

D (me): So, how are things going?

T: Pretty good. I’m getting ready to move to South Carolina.

D: South Carolina? What’s there?

T: I’m going to live with my girlfriend.

D: Oh, ok. Do you have a job lined up yet?

T: Yeah, at Burger King.

(Don’t laugh yet…it gets better)

D: So, when are you moving?

T: At the end of this week.

D: Geez, you really are moving soon! How’d you meet your girlfriend?

T: We met on the chat line. I figured, now that we’ve talked for a while, we might as well meet.

D: Wait a minute…you’ve never met her, and you’re moving in with her?!?! What if she’s, like, 80 years old and 800 pounds or something???

(I know, I’m a little dramatic sometimes)

T just stares, with a surprised expression on his face.

D: You know she could be lying right? That’s pretty crazy to just move in with her when you’ve never met her.

T: Yeah, I guess maybe we’ll just meet this time. I don’t know. (with a smirk) I guess she could be 80 years old.

D: And 800 pounds.

(We both kind of laughed for a second)

D: Well, best of luck to you.

Just another crazy day in the neighborhood…


I overheard an interesting conversation in the grocery store near my house today. An older man (in his 70s) ran into a younger man (in his 40s), of whom he had know his parents. Here’s a snippet of the conversation:

Older Man: So, how are you? Are you married now?

Younger Man: No, I don’t marry ’em…I just live with them!

Cashier: That’s not what you’re supposed to do!

Younger Man: Well, if I never any of ’em, I won’t have to divorce any of ’em either.

Cashier: No, you need to marry them! When I graduate in a few years and become a lawyer, I’ll need your money! I can represent you.

That certainly wasn’t the reason I expected her to give for him to marry them. A sad sign of the times…

New House, Prayer List

I’ve been thinking of lots of things to blog about lately, but I figured I’d start with this: I’m finally in the new house! It’s been an exciting few weeks being in here. The transition was much easier than I expected, but it’s probably because I’ve been so busy I can hardly see straight. Lots of people cautioned me about how weird/scary it would be truly living by myself, but praise the Lord, it really hasn’t been. The only thing that still creeps me out a little is taking a shower…wouldn’t know if anyone came in or not…but, this too shall pass 🙂

I got to meet one of my neighbors yesterday. I think she’s around my age, has a two year old and lives with her boyfriend in his grandparent’s house. She seems really nice, so I’m excited to get to spend some time with her.

Now, some prayer requests for some of the kids in our ‘hood. Lots of heartbreak happening right now…
— 16 year old Y is in jail. She was charged with armed robbery, etc.
— Twin brothers Z & Z are taking turns in a detention center for (I think) jumping a kid
— 16 year old K is pregnant, taking the first step into a vicious family cycle
— 17 year old T is in a destructive relationship, which weighs heavily on her family
— A family we know has something going on that is having a significant impact on all the kids, but we just can’t put our finger on what it is

All of this and lots more. Stay tuned.

A Plea for Prayer

I posted recently about the feeling of unrest I have sensed in the neighborhood. It’s amazing how you can sense the demons that are at work here. Since that post in October, things have only gotten worse. I wish I could describe the feeling that I have, but I guess we’ll just leave it at discernment. It’s sort of like a blanket of sadness…you just know that things aren’t right. There’s a sense of grieving there too, although not for one specific person. Instead, it’s for hundreds of people. It’s grieving about life, rather than death.

Since the last post, Marshall and I had our tires slashed over Thanksgiving. No reason that I know of as to why, other than an attempt by Satan to discourage us. There have been two shootings this week, the first was a young woman who was shot in “rear end,” and thankfully only had minor injuries. The second was a man who died as a result of his injuries (in the article, he’s the one who was shot on Gregory St). Just before Thanksgiving, one of the boys I have spent time with in the past was shot, most likely as a result of gang violence. While he’s not in our direct neighborhood, he’s less than a mile away.

So, now I am asking you to please pray. Pray for our neighborhood, pray for the safety of the people who live here. Pray that the Lord would shower love on the men and women who would do evil. I don’t want them to leave, I want them to be transformed. And I believe it can and will happen. Please join us in praising God for our neighbors, and praising Him in advance for the amazing change that is to come in Glenwood.

A Day of Reunion

As I got out of my car today I heard the familiar call that I have missed so much for the past several months – -“Hey there young lady!” It was *Bob! Bob is a homeless man who stays in my neighborhood quite often. He used to greet me with this, often yelling it from half a block away, several times a week. I looked forward to my chats with Bob. He used to tell me that even he could be a preacher! He’s always been one of my favorite people, mostly because of his constant joy, even in the midst of his heartbreaking situation. Today, we chatted about life, about his long family history in the Masons, and how the female counterpart to the Masons is a group called the Eastern Stars. He updated me on some work he’s been doing. Somehow it came up how old he is. Now, I’ve always assumed Bob was in his mid-50s. Turns out he’s only 43. It’s amazing how much the street can age a person.

True to form, Bob brightened up my day considerably. I don’t know that it was any one thing he said…just his presence.

Lord, I praise you for my dear friend Bob. I pray that he would know how much of a blessing he is to me. I ask that you would give me the opportunity to tell him. In a society where the poor and homeless are terribly mistreated and ignored, I pray that you would instill a sense of pride in Bob. Show him what it means to be adored and cared for by you, his Father. I thank you, Lord, for your unfailing faithfulness.

*Bob is a pseudonym