Hello!  My name is Dayna and I’ve been involved in urban ministry since 2004.  I grew up in a poor rural community in Northwest Florida and experienced firsthand many of the challenges familiar to those in poverty.  I moved to North Carolina to attend college (first generation) and through involvement with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship started learning about God’s intentional heart for the poor & racial reconciliation, and later journeyed down my own path of healing from childhood experiences.  This eventually led to a move to the Glenwood neighborhood of Greensboro, NC.  I joined a small community of believers who had moved into Glenwood to explore what God might have for us there, inspired in part by John 1:14 (MSG) – “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.”   He certainly did (and does) dwell in Glenwood, and it continues to be our great honor to experience that.

What started as one couple in 2001 has now grown to over 20 separate households who are striving to show God’s love to their neighbors.  It’s amazing to see what God has done since I moved here in 2004.  And what’s really cool, is knowing that this can happen anywhere — not just urban neighborhoods.  Christ is all about community — we just have to be intentional about inviting people in.

My first 8 years in Glenwood were spent working outside the neighborhood and volunteering my time with kids, with a week-long paid gig as camp director for several years.  In 2012, I was hired on as the School Administrator for Hope Academy, a private, Christ-centered middle school for Glenwood kids.  I struggled for the first 8 years to reconcile my success in the companies I worked for with my desire to serve full-time in the neighborhood.  Now, I see that it was all preparation, and am reminded that God truly does have the best plan in mind.

Summer 2014 marked the end of my 10th full year of living intentionally in Glenwood.  I’ve found over the years that I love sharing & encouraging people in practical ways to share God’s love for the city — whether that’s training youth leaders on how to bridge the urban-suburban gap or helping create structure and order in ministry organizations.  I love talking urban ministry, so reach out!  I’d love to hear from you!